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Fonzi Thornton


No confirmed participation.
Fonzi Thornton
Alfa Anderson
Luci Martin
Michelle Cobbs
No confirmed participation.
Bass: Bernard Edwards
Guitar: Nile Rodgers
Drums: Tony Thompson
Thanks to Wouter Heijke for the track list

-Don't Throw My Love Away
-Hold It
-I Can Love
-I'll Change My Game 06:17
-I Work For A Living (released on the "Soup For One" soundtrack in 1982). Alt. long version by Nile Rodgers 2010 (CHIC Org Boxset) GO!
-Who Me?
081207: As far as I know this album contained 8 tracks., and the production on most tracks never got further than the demo stage. So unlike the unreleased Johnny Mathis project, this album is far from ready to be released. However we CHIC fans would buy this as is, so Nile Rodgers could release it as a digital download. (pocat)

081212: CHIC fan Wouter Heijke mailed me, a couple of days ago, and said he had found the track list of the unreleased CHIC project featuring CHIC choir leader Fonzi Thornton supposedly done in 1982. I was understandibly very excited. The info comes from the US Copyright Database. It seems that the Fonzi album was done in 1981, and it did include "I Work For A Living" and "Riding" both released as part of the soundtrack for the movie "Soup For One" (1982) "Riding" was however not on the soundtrack album. As far as I know the album, except the two above mentioned tracks were never finished, but was a collection of demo's that Nile & Nard were shopping around record co.'s with, trying to get a record deal for Fonzi. This didn't happen so most of the project was shelved. However the demo's still exist. According to the database, the album was entitled "Frostbite".

To Nile Rodgers: I would like to say that we fans want this album released even if it's in demo form. In fact we want it in any shape or form. Why not release it as a digital download? That seems to be the most cost-effective way for you to get it out. (pocat)

090605: According to CHIC fan FrenCHIC the Fonzi album is entitled "Frostbite" so I have changed that on this page. The album was completely finished, not in a demo state as I stated above, this info is from a reliable source. It is very pop-oriented, in the same vein as the Sheila & B. Devotion CHIC production the year before. The album version of "I Work For A Living" is much longer than the one released on the"Soup For One" soundtrack it's nearly 7 minutes. (pocat)