Sister Sledge - "Lost In Music" at the Musikladen TV show in Germany on October 18th 1979. From the album "We Are Family" (1979). Produced, written, arranged & conducted by Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards of the CHIC Organization. The third single off that album fared less well than the two before (Billboard charts: R&B#35). The clip continues with:

CHIC - "My Forbidden Lover" at the Musikladen TV show in Germany on October 18th 1979. From the album "Risqué" (1979). Not a big hit except on the dancefloor but still a great song (Billboard charts: Pop#43, Black#33, Disco/Club#3). Performers are: on back-up vocals Fonzi Thornton, looking to die for, & Michelle Cobbs, I love her outfit and dance moves, very CHIC!, The CHIC Strings: Valerie Haywood, Cheryl Hong and Karen Milne grooving like h-ll, and on keyboards Raymond Jones getting into it, & Andy Schwartz. Alfa are just beautiful and Luci hot, Tony Thompson looks cool in that leather outfit, and both Nile & Bernard are thoroughly enjoying themselves. In the background is imo just the most amazing promo photo ever taken of CHIC, I'd like to have that framed on my wall. I just love this clip of CHIC. Everybody is getting into it. Alfa and Luci looking and performing like goddesses. Bernard and Nile guiding this behemoth of class in a secure and masterful manner. Fonzi and Michelle... has a band ever had more glorious back-up singers and dancers! Karen Milne, just Wowness! Andy Schwartz looks extremely good in his suit. This clip is why I love CHIC so much! Perfect music, groovy performers, stunning outfits, and that inimitable air of CHIC.

Unfortunately neither the sound nor the video is great in this clip, sorry. All the more reason that we need a CHIC dvd video compilation with both promo clips and TV performances like this, as well as a live concert from the heyday, released. Isn't there any company that wants to do the world a cultural favor and release such a DVD?

UPDATED: I've found a better quality clip of the CHIC part of this clip, and have edited it into the other clip, that's why the quality varies, now if I only could find the Sledge clip in the same quality too.