All lyrics by Bernard Edwards & Nile Rodgers of the CHIC organization Ltd. - C'est CHIC 1978
(*) I want your love, I want your love
I want your love, I want your love
Do you feel like you ever want
To try my love and see how well it fits
Baby can't you see when you look at me
I can't kick this feeling when it hits
All alone in my bed at night
I grab my pillow and squeeze it tight
I think of you and I dream of you
All the time, what am I gonna do
(* repeat 2 times)
Sometime don't you feel
Like you never ever had a love that's real
Well here I am and who's to say
A better love you won't find today
Just one chance and I will show you love
Like no other, two steps above
On your ladder, I'll be a peg
I want your lovin', please don't make me beg
(* repeat 4 times)
I want your love, I need your love
I'll share my dreams and make you see
How really bad your love I need
I want your love, I need your love
Just like the birds need sky above
I'll share my dreams and make you see
How really bad your love I need
(* repeat and fade)
(*) Ah freak out, le freak, c'est CHIC
Freak out
(* repeat 3 times)
Have you heard
About the new dance craze
Listen to us
I'm sure you'll be amazed
Big fun to be had by everyone
It's up to you, it surely can be done
Young and old are doin' it, I'm told
Just one try and you too will be sold
It's called le freak
They're doin' it night and day
Allow us, we'll show you the way
(* repeat 4 times)
(**) All that pressure got you down
Has your head spinnin' all around
Feel the rhythm, chant the rhyme
Come on along and have a real good time
Like the days of ol' stomping at the Savoy
Now we freak, oh what a joy
Just come on down to 54
Find your spot out on the floor
(* repeat 4 times)
Now freak! I said freak, le freak!
(** repeat)
(* repeat and fade)
(*) (I,m a) happy man, happy man, that's me
Happy man, for you all to see
Happy man, and the world is my home
Happy man, with a style of my own
When you see me, I'm a smilin' face
Spreadin' all my love around the place
All around the world I go travelling
When they see me come, they start to sing
(* repeat)
Hanging out all night with the jet set
And I party every little chance I get
Don't you know life can be real nice
And if it's good, I do it twice
(* repeat 3 times)
I'm a happy man
(*) At last I am free
I can hardly see in front of me
I can hardly see in front of me
(* repeat)
I'm lonely, please listen to what I say
I can't go on livin' life this way
I've tried and I've tried to make you see
You call this love, all this lyin'
My friend, it just can't be
(* repeat 2 times)
I'm lonely, please hold me
Come closer, my dear
It feels so good just havin' you near
But who am I foolin'
When I know it's not real
I can't hide all this hurt and pain
Inside I feel
(* repeat and fade)
(*) Take a little chance
It don't mean nothing
Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose
(* repeat)
And don't you know that life is just a game
That you play, win or lose, it's all the same
Open your eyes, you better
Look before you leap, take heed
And watch the signs of life
Don't play the cheat
The wheel of fortune just may take its toll
Be a gambler, play your ace in the hole
You'll never know
You might wind up way ahead
Shoot your best shot
Take a little chance before you're dead
(* repeat 4 times)
Here you come with that smile on your face
I assume that even time cannot erase
Confidence is the most important thing you need
To look inside yourself, you can succeed
All the time you better watch out for the trap
Be careful or first time out
You might roll crap
One mistake and life comes tumblin' down
All around, like galloping dominoes
That's how it goes
(* repeat and fade)
(*) CHIC (repeat)
Everybody strut
(* repeat)
Come on everybody
Give me a C C
Give me an H H
Give me an I I
Give me a C C
If you're friends of CHIC
Consider yourselves unique
Just one favour we ask
We hope it's not too hard a task
If you don't mind, would you please
Get up off of your seats and repeat
CHIC (repeat and fade)
Omitted:'(Funny) Bone' lyrics are: Just one more thing: Remember, the whole world's a circus, don't you be the clown! Ciao!
Thanks to Soeren from Denmark who transcribed all lyrics.