Nile & Bernard w. David Bowie in 1982 Nile photgraphed by Robert Mapplethorpe in 1986 Nile & Nard in 82 photo by Guiseppe Pino Original set w. Norma Jean Wright in 1977 CHIC in 1981
Alfa Anderson posing in 1979 Real People back cover photo 1980 Luci Martin posing in 1979 Photo collage in Melody Maker 1979 Alfa Anderson live photo from Melody Maker
Nile w. Ashford & Simpson outside the China Club in NYC  Bernard from Le Freak promo video in 1978 Back cover of Bernard Edwards 1983 solo album CHIC feeling blue 1979 Back cover of C'est CHIC album in 1978
Fashion to the max 1979 Cover of Gretest Hits album in 1979 Photo from Real People album CHIC 1992 setting CHIC live in 1978
CHIC at American Bandstand in 1978 w. Norma Jean & Luci Martin  Gold records galore 1979? From Debbie Harry's 'Now I Know You Know' video 81 Back cover of CHIC Cheer 12" remix in 1984 Cover of Live At The Budokan CD 1999
Luther Vandross w. CHIC in concert Luci Martin from Melody Maker in 1979 Nile & Nard from Melody Maker in 1979 Cover of CHIC's Soup For One 7" in 1982 Front cover image on the C'est CHIC album, 1978
Bernard Edwards from Live At The Budokan DVD 1996 Nile from inside of Cheb Mami CD in 2001 Nile Rodgers 1985 Nile Rodgers 1992 Nile from Live At The Budokan CD 1999
Bernard Edwards & Nile Rodgers Raymond Jones & Norma Jean Wright in 1991 courtesy of Norma Jean Wright courtesy of Norma Jean Wright Nile & Nard from C'est CHIC album cover
Nile & Nard in 1992 Nile & Nard at the Budokan in 1996 Nile Rodgers in Paris 2002 Posing in 1978 Real People cover in 1980
Cover of Risqué in 1979 Nile & Nard w. Sister Sledge in the studio 1978 CHIC promoting their UK tour in Melody Maker mag in 1979 (thanks Russell) Nile w. Gun's & Rose's 'Slash' at the Budokan in 1996 Back cover of Tongue in CHIC in 1982