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Warner Bros 1987


Nile Rodgers
Felicia Collins
Philippe Saisse
Jimmy Cartledge
Terri Gonzalez
Lenny Underwood
Knut Bohn
Steve Elson
Robert Arron
Larry Etkin
Phil Romano
Produced by Nile Rodgers, Philippe Saisse, Felicia Collins
Drums-Synclavier, Linn 9000: Nile Rodgers, Philippe Saisse, Felicia Collins, Kevin Jones
Synthesizers & Samplers-Yamaha; DX-7, DX7 II, TX-816. PPG 2.3 Wave, Roland MKS-70, Memmory Moog, Mini-Moog, Emulator II, EMAX, Casio FZ-1, Kurzweil 250, Akai S-900, Synclavier: Nile Rodgers, Philippe Saisse
Basses-Mini Moog, Memory Moog, PPG 2.3 Wave, Yamaha; DX-7, DX7 II, TX-816, DX-100: Philippe Saisse
Guitars-ESP Stratocaster w/EMG pick-ups, Guitarman, Graphite Tokai, Grover Jackson, Fender Concert amp, Seymour Duncan amp: Nile Rodgers
Steinberger GL3T, Stuart Spector/Kramer "Strat" w/EMG pick-ups, Graphite Tokai, Roland JC 120 stereo amps w/Yamaha multi-effects processors: Felicia Collins
Horns-Tenor Sax, Alto Sax, Baritone Sax, Trumpet: Steve Elson, Robert Arron, Larry Etkin
Recorded and mixed by James Farber
2nd engineer: Knut Bohn, Tom Durack, Barbara DeMauro
Edited by: Scott Hull at Masterdisk NYC
Production Managers: Budd Tunick
Recorded and mixed at Syline Studios, NYC
Mastering by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk NYC
1. Out Loud
2. It's Love This Time
3. Am I On Your Mind
4. Square Business
5. KAK
6. Feeling Good
7. Camouflage
8. Good Together
9. Fundamental
10. Circle Of Love/Music Lover
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