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Tongue In CHIC

Atlantic 1982


Billboard: Pop#173, Black#47

Alfa Anderson
Luci Martin
Bernard Edwards
Nile Rodgers
Jocelyn Brown
Fonzi Thornton
Michelle Cobbs
Dolette McDonald
Bass: Bernard Edwards
Guitar: Nile Rodgers, Marty Celay
Drums: Tony Thompson
Keyboards: Raymond Jones, Rob Sabino
Percussion: Sammy Figueroa
Saxophone: Robert Arron
Trumpet: Ray Maldonado
Strings: Gene Orloff
Recorded and mixed by Scott Litt at Power Station, N.Y.C.
Engineers: Jason Corsaro, Dave Greenberg
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisc
1. Hangin' (Black#48)
2. I feel your love comin' on
3. When you love someone
4. Chic (Everybody say)
5. Hey fool
6. Sharing love
7. City lights
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P O C A T'S ... R E V I E W
By Soeren from Denmark (rated 2 stars of 5) 030415
Despite a fine, slick single "Hangin'", on their sixth studio album CHIC was beginning to sound alarmingly tired and uninspired. It was clear that the commercial deroute was draining Nile'n Nard's enthusiasm just as personal tensions were growing among the CHIC-members. "I Feel Your Love Coming On" was a dry-sounding electronic track that also featured Bernard on lead. The chorus, although over-repeated, isn't bad but the spark is missing - in Germany the song was issued as a second single - in the US they didn't any longer bother. It has been criticized that the new CHIC-sound of the 80s relegated CHIC's better singers, Alfa and Luci, to the background. They did, however, come to glory on the album's best track "When You Love Someone", a soaring ballad that turns into a funky second part that nearly succeeds in bringing back that special CHIC magic. A new self-mythologizing song "Chic (Everybody Say)", although bringing back the CHIC strings, fails to ignite anything. Alfa's "Hey Fool" is plesant but is so sparsely arranged that you could be forgiven to believe it was a demo-version. The next song, the only 2:40 "Sharing Love" was an obvious rehash of "Soup For One", but nowhere as good as the latter. The closing track of this remarkably short album (only 32 minutes), "City Lights", sounded like a left-over from the "Take It Off" album but at least breaths a little life into this lackluster album that is really a disappointment in CHIC's catalogue.