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Atlantic 7/30/1979

CD 7567-80406-2

Billboard: Pop#5 Black#2

Alfa Anderson
Luci Martin
Bernard Edwards
Fonzi Thornton
Michelle Cobbs
Ullanda McCullough
Bass: Bernard Edwards
Guitar: Nile Rodgers
Drums: Tony Thompson
Keyboards: Raymond Jones, Robert Sabino, Andy Schwartz
Percussion: Sammy Figueroa
Tap dancers: Mr. Fayard Nicholas, Mr. Eugene Jackson, Mr. Sammy Warren
Concert Master: Gene Orloff
The Chic Strings: Karen Milne, Cheryl Hong, Karen Karlsrud, Valerie Haywood
1. Good Times (Pop#1, Black#1, Disco#3)
2. A warm summer night
3. My feet keep dancing (Black#42)
4. My forbidden lover (Pop#43, Black#33)
5. Can't stand to love you
6. Will you cry
7. What about me
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P O C A T'S ... R E V I E W


By Soeren from Denmark (rated 4 stars of 5) 030415
CHIC's third album has been praised by many as their very finest, yet - perhaps because of the impossible task of surpassing two monster albums (C'est CHIC + We Are Family) - I feel this comes off a wee bit disappointing. Of course, there was the ambiguous "Good Times", possibly CHIC's very greatest track with Nard's classic bass line, this first single has made history of its own, and there's no denying the splendid quality of this record. "A Warm Summer Night" is a sensuous instrumental that belongs among my favourites with its corny "Te quiero papi" whisper. Needless to say, the music is faultlessly played, repeating the theme over and over again. Perhaps repetition is one of my minor complaints of "Risqué" - as much as I do like the equally elegant "My Feet Keep Dancing", the chorus may be repeated a bit too much on this one. Interestingly, "My Feet Keep Dancing" had been Nile'n Nard's bet for the flagship single - yet when it was released as the third single, it did a disappointing showing, failing to break even into the US Top 100, although it peaked at no. 21 in the UK. Side 2 is probably the point where I don't think "Risqué" works so well. It begins well with "My Forbidden Lover", a fine track that was more danceable than "My Feet ..." with its somewhat restless drive. The verse, however, breaks somewhat abruptly into the chorus, but the nursery rhyme part "My love is forbidden, we keep our love hidden" is the charm of this track. Nevertheless, the lazy jam "Can't Stand To Love You" falls below standard and is one of my least-liked CHIC tracks. Few could write ballads as Nile & Nard with so much pathos as "Will You Cry (When You Hear This Song)" - unfortunately, the haunting chorus line is repeated over the top again. The last song also dealt with unfulfilled needs, and although "What About Me" is an uptempo song, this resembles "Will You Cry" too much in structure to make Side 2 really enjoyable. Because of the impeccable quality of the four first tracks - and also "What About Me" and "Will You Cry" isolated - I award "Risqué" 4 stars.