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Warner Bros. 1992

9 26394-2

Billboard: R&B/HipHop#39

Sylver Logan Sharp
Jenn Thomas
Bernard Edwards
Nile Rodgers
Fonzi Thornton
Michelle Cobbs
Brenda White-King
Tawatha Agee
Dennis Collins
Bass: Bernard Edwards
Guitar: Nile Rodgers
Drums: Sonny Emory, Sterling Campbell
Keyboards: Richard Hilton
Programming: Richard Hilton, Andres Levin
Saxophone: Steve Elson, Stan Harrison
Horns: Mac Gollehon
Percussion: Gerardo Velez
Concert Master: Gene Orloff
The Chic strings: Elena Barere, Marti Sweet, Juliet Haffner, Mitsue Takayama, Julien Barber, Frederick Zlotkin, Richard Locker, Max Ellen, Al Brown, Winterton Garvey, Regis Iandiorio, Gerald Tarack, Matthew Raimondi, Richard Sortomme
Recorded at Skyline Studios and The Power Station, N.Y.C., mixed at Skyline Studios by Dave O'Donnell and Jon Goldberger
Engineers: Jon Goldberger, David O'Donnell, Steve Boyer, Patrick Dillett, Richard Hilton, Tom Durack, Hiro Ishihara, Katherine Miller, David Schiffman, Roy Hendrickson, Victor Deyglio, Justin Luchter, Rich Lamb
Drum Technician: Artie Smith
Production Manager: Budd Tunick
Mastered by: Bob Ludwig at Masterdisc
1. Chic mystique (R&B/HipHop#48, Dance#4 Clubplay#1)
2. Your love (Dance#6, Clubplay#3)
3. Jusagroove
4. Something you can feel
5. One and only one
6. Doin' that thing to me
7. Chicism
8. In it to win it
9. My love's for real
10. Take my love
11. High
12. M.M.F.T.C.F.
13. Chic mystique (Reprise)
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P O C A T'S ... R E V I E W


By Soeren from Denmark (rated 4 stars of 5) 030415
Expectations were high when Bernard & Nile finally got back together in 1991 to record a new CHIC album. Although it was with a new personnel, the resulting album "Chic-ism" strutted with all the positive vibrations and energy that so lacked on the two final CHIC-albums in the early 80s. "Chic Mystique" was an excellent single with a bouncy beat, funky bass and crisp guitar riffs, and great vocals by young new CHIC singers Sylver Logan-Sharp and Jenn Thomas. The reunion as well as the single stirred a lot of attention so it felt like a cold shower when "Chic Mystique" didn't make it higher than #48 in the UK charts and was all but ignored in the US. When "Your Love" was released as the second single, it seemed that nobody cared. It was a crying shame - with a great bass line by Bernard, and a string break reminiscent of that of "I Want Your Love", "Your Love" being an equally great dance track, arguably with some inspiration from Incognito's recent hit "Always There", featuring their old friend Jocelyn Brown, ironically. "Jussagroove" was a fine piece of funk before the lush sound of the 70s with strings, congas and all were recaptured to perfection in the laid-back "Something You Can Feel" featuring rapper Princesa. That Nile & Nard had lost none of their Midas-touch with ballads was easily proved with the wonderful "One And Only" with an excellently belted vocal by Sylver. "Doin' That Thing To Me" was classic CHIC with a great catchy chorus and joyous mood. The title-track was a whirling stomper, before the funky "Get In It To Win It" was a song you could easily imagine Sister Sledge have done. "My Love's For Real" was equally impeccably done before another wonderful ballad: "Take My Love". "High" with its almost psychedelic sound and mood was definitely an interesting song, yet it sticks out from the rest. For the finale, Nile & Nard recaptured the spirit of the great CHIC-instrumentals in "Make My Funk The Chic Funk" to perfection - a great finale to the album. The CD includes the single version of "Chic Mystique" with rap. A decade later on, "Chic-ism" still has an incredible sound, and it feels so unjust that such a great album failed to chart. At least it brought Bernard & Nile back together as well as it marked a more dignified ending to the story of an extraordinary band.