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Atlantic 1983



Alfa Anderson
Luci Martin
Fonzi Thornton
Brenda White
Curtis King
Bass: Bernard Edwards
Guitar: Nile Rodgers
Drums: Tony Thompson
Keyboards: Rob Sabino
Recorded and mixed by Jason Corsaro at Power Station, N.Y.C.
Engineers: Barry Bongiovi, Gary Rindfuss, John Wright, Dave Greenberg, Malcolm Pollack, Rob Eaton
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisc
1. Believer
2. You are beautiful
3. Take a closer look
4. Give me the lovin' (Hot R&B/HipHop#57)
5. Show me your light
6. You got some love for me
7. In love with music
8. Party everybody
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P O C A T'S ... R E V I E W


By Soeren from Denmark (rated 3 stars of 5) 030415
After their two solo efforts which both went nowhere, Nile & Nard teamed up again for one last CHIC album. They actually pulled themselves together, coming up with a stronger effort than 1982's "Tongue In CHIC" in terms of songs. Unfortunately, it had the same feeling of a group that had just gone tired, and the addition of synthesizers and drum boxes didn't enlighten the album which couldn't even make it to the Top 200 in the US. Which was a shame because the majority of the songs are in fact surprisingly strong, and Nile'n Nard had also found out that it might be a smart idea to bring Alfa & Luci back in the front line. The title track opened the album - it is a good track but it showcased a gloomier side of CHIC. Interesting is the line: "You must go on with the show even when you're running on empty - that's just how it goes". Another weakness of the album was the disagreement of choice of lead singles - in Europe, the second track, the rhythmic, upbeat "You Are Beautiful" was chosen whereas in the US, they opted for the slower-paced "Give Me The Lovin'" which climbed to #38 on the R&B charts. The remaining track on side 1, however, the ballad "Take A Closer Look" came off somewhat lackluster. "Show Me The Light" was another up-tempo track, comparable in style and composition to "You Are Beautiful", also featuring vocoder vocals. "You Got Some Love For Me" is probably the most successful recording on the album with its beautiful instrumental passages, full of atmosphere. The pleasant but forgettable "In Love With Music" was less convincing before it gets all cringy with the album closener "Party Everybody" - a failed attempt to do a Kurtis Blow-style rap record. Issued in Germany and the second single off the album, this had better been left unreleased and is an embarrassing ending for the original formation of CHIC. Had "Party Everybody" been omitted (they could have successfully included Bernard's only worthy offering from his solo album: "Your Love Is Good To Me" instead), had the general mood been more vivid, this album could have been a 4-star effort. The actual album marked a sad ending to a successful carreer.