Rolling Stone Magazine Review by STEPHEN HOLDEN


Chic's "C'est Chic" & 
Sister Sledge album "We are family"

".../.../...Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers, another top R&B-disco production/writing team, seem more like minimalistic aural interior decorators than songwriters. C'est Chic perfected their polished signature sound, which echoes Thom Bell's classic Spinners discs. Voices and strings hang like a satin backdrop behind Edwards' elegantly defined bass and Rodgers' scrubby guitar. "At Last I Am Free" is almost Eno-esque in its spareness-a haunting dirge for mannequins.

On Sister Sledge's We Are Family, Edwards and Rodgers lightly embellish the same sound with funky trimmings. Unlike Chic, who recalls the Fifth Dimension vocally, the four Sledge sisters have real soul power, which adds welcome emotional depth to such posed ennui as "Lost in Music." The title track, beautifully sung by Kathy Sledge, is a near-perfect fusion of gospel fire and disco cool..../.../..."