Nile & 'Nard's music really have been the soundtrack to my life.
From the first record I ever danced to in a club, Le Freak, to me & my girl's song, Thinking Of You by Sister Sledge. Chic only consciously followed one trend, disco. "To peddle our own brand of r & b jazz", Nile said in an interview.
Their grooves don't just make your toes tap - they're irresistably intoxicating. Mesmeric bordering on the hypnotic. I get drawn into every instrument of their records - guitars, bass, drums, strings, keyboards & the subtle but very effective piano.
They cared for the music hence their longevity. Thousands more copied them ensuring immortality. Their work's are now considered modern masterpieces, still played & analysed today. They set up their own production co., the Chic Organisation. Nowadays everyone has their own.
For over 20 years I'd bore anyone who'd listen that they were the most influential dance group of all time. Innovators, fantastic musicians & timeless songwriters. Their influence transcended all musical forms, rock, pop, funk, & disco and influenced generations of musicians, including me.
Celebrate with me. Long live CHIC!


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CHIC GALLERY containing among other things a signed photo of Chic NILE & NARD in BBC Radio interview, 1992 GLEN's COMPARATIVE REVIEW of the 'diana' Deluxe Edition original CHIC mix Aug. 8 2003
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