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Adventures In The Land Of The Good Groove

Mirage 1983

Re-released on CD by Funky Town Grooves in 2009


Nile Rodgers
Bernard Edwards
Sarah Dash
Rachel Sweet
Frank Simms
George Simms
David Spinner
Eddie Martinez
Carmine Rojas
John Wright
Fonzi Thornton
Curtis King
Phillip Ballou
Kenny Williams
Rob Sabino
Tony Thompson
Jeremy Steele
Guitar, CS80 Synth, drum patterns: Nile Rodgers
Bass: Bernard Edwards
Drums: Tony Thompson
Prophet 5, Mini-Moog: Rob Sabino
Prophet 5, Acoustic piano: Raymond Jones
Pedal Steel Guitar: Jeremy Steele
Recorded and mixed at The Power Station by Jason Corsaro
Digital engineer: Gus Skinas
2nd engineers: John Wright, Bruce Robbins
Mastering by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk
1. The Land Of The Good Groove
2. Yum-Yum
3. Beet
4. Get Her Crazy
5. It's All In Your Hands
6. Rock Bottom
7. My Love Song For You
8. Most Down

Bonus tracks refers to the CD release in 2009.

9. The Land Of The Good Groove (ext.)
10. Yum-Yum (ext.)
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