This page is to give credit to those of you who have helped with information, material or other things since the inception of the CHIC-Tribute site in 1998. If I've missed someone it is not intentional, and please E-mail me if that is the case, so I can rectify matters. Acknowledgements and Credits
Richard Hilton He was the first CHIC member to contact me back in 1998, and has always given me support and invaluable help. He is also responsible for one of the best experiences of my life. He's such a great guy.. Raymond Jones Thank you for helping me with contacts, and always being supportive and helpful.
Andy Schwartz Thanks for support and encouragement. Norma Jean Wright For bearing with me, and being supportive.
Glen Russell You are awesome. My associate here and a great 'dude'. Nile Rodgers Thanks for; support, one of the best experiences of my life, the music and just about everything!
Kevin Brook He runs the site. Thanks for all your help. Nancy Hunt Thanks for all the help.
Spacer Thanks for material, great posts in the forum, and support. Luigi Melatti Thanks for finding all those samplings, remixes etc and a lot of other great stuff. Our main man in Italy.
Patrice Labarchède Thanks for all the info, pix and much more. Our French Connection. Simon Parr Thanks for always being enthusiastic, involved and for all the great news. A glorius guy.
Jow Thanks for all the material. Soeren Thanks for those great reviews and your help with lyrics.
Russell Thanks for the pix and article's. Julius Freeman Thanks for the pix.
FrenCHIC Thanks for all the news items. Luc You are too much! :D Thanks for material and news.
Karen Milne Thanks for support. Daryl Easlea Thanks for the CHIC Bible.
Giuseppe Thanks for material. Marty Angelo Runs the site. Thanks for your support.
Thierry He runs the site. Thanks for the news items. Béla Diós Thanks for material and news.
Sharon Ebrecht Thanks for material and news. Pat DiVicino Thanks for material and news.
Philippe Thanks for material. Pietro Cannas Thanks for material and news.
Wonder B Thanks for material.
Thanks to; Shawn Rhodes, Alain Veille, Kris Chen, Devlin, Rob Acteson, Greg Womack, Pasiq, Andrew Benoy, Colin Wilson from Seattle, Hendrikw from Holland, Patrice Thompson, Eric Page, Roux64, Khairyl Yassin, Gil, de, Igor Mechichin, Derek Bussen, Derek Perkins, David Noble, Dianna Poling Witucki, Dwayne Smith, George Olney, H.W. Kosters, Jan A. Götz, Nelson Richards, Sooze Plunkett-Green, Peter Forret, Ueli Frey, alwayschic18, Klaus from Germany, Francesco, Glenn Bracke, Wim Konings, Roberto from Italy, Robert McCormick, John Pettitt, Juanjo Vázquez, Eric Meguennache, Todd, Claudio Micali, Luke Barker, Tulani Mhlanga, Benjamin Etkin, Claes Molander, Wayne Hudson, BlackWaxJH, Dave Gronert, Kelly Thiney, Leon Petrossian, Paul from New York, Hugh Boyd, clooneyclone1, Christian John Wikane, Wouter Heijke, Oppong, Khairul arif Azhari, Max1Neb, VibeRide Podcasts, qqqqlivemusic2011, Peter Lindberg, Ross S. Wilson, Sanjay Parmar, Russell Holden, Andrew C, Alex, Bernd Felix Borgas.. and probably many more I'm sorry I forgot.